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Megalong Games

Hi, Peter Shanks here. The Megalong Games site you're viewing is an echo from my past; when I set up and ran a video games store in Lithgow (Australia)

Megalong Games was about video gaming and electronic entertainment, both retro and modern. In the bricks and mortar store I collected, traded, played and sold everything from Atari to Xbox, new and second hand. I also had a little museum of consoles and games (as much for my entertainment as anything else).

I paid my bills selling games and had some competitive prices on new games and hardware. I used to sell these through the website too, but constant attempts at credit card fraud and the number games that got 'lost in the post' wore me down, and I turned off the site's 'buy it now' option. When Country Target opened up in the local shopping mall it was time to move on, and so I closed the shop too.

Because there's some useful information here (hints, cheats and comments) and because I'm still interested in the history of gaming, I've kept the Megalong Games site online. Here's the original front page:

A Real Museum for Virtual Reality

Video gaming has only been around since the 70's, but during that time there have been changes in technology which have turned cutting edge platforms into quaint collectors items almost overnight.

What happens to those once classic games and machines, the shining stars from yesteryear? Usually they're put away in a cupboard, then moved out to the shed. Eventually they're tossed out or flogged off at a garage sale. The lucky few end up here, in the Australian Video Games Museum collection.

My bricks and plastic location is just next to the Megalong Valley - in Lithgow, Australia. If you were visiting you could get a hands-on tour of past and present gaming platforms. Of course, not everyone was fortunate enough to be able to get to Lithgow, so I put together this site so that everyone can have a little taste of gaming goodness.